Cloak. Freeze. Incinerate.

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And line up that kill shot.

Mary. Capricorn. Type A. This blog is collective of sorts; everything that tickles my fancy, that got the wheels in my head turning, that got me nodding or tearing up to... it's bound to be in here somewhere.


Hello, world— I want to watch a Black Widow movie because I am a fan of Black Widow, because superhero spy stories are my jam, because I want to see Yelena and Alexi and all of that brought to life and breathing. It is not a generic yearning for a woman-shaped hero movie. I mention gender a lot…

<b> Shepard:</b> *moves cautiously towards the pyjak and searches it for the data module*<p><b>Tali:</b> HE DROPPED THE DATA MODULE!!!<p><b>Shepard:</b> *whips around and almost shoots her* (DAMMIT TALI!!! THAT'S IT, I'M NEVER TAKING YOU ON MISSIONS -- EVER!!!)<p>