Cloak. Freeze. Incinerate.

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And line up that kill shot.

Mary. Capricorn. This blog is a collective of sorts; everything that tickles my fancy, that got the wheels in my head turning, that got me nodding or tearing up to... it's bound to be in here somewhere.

Late to Original Sin #7. Which is just fine, considering how… upset it - and the previous issue - made me.

Calm your damn tits, Rogers. You don’t go attacking Nick and then demanding, PLEADING, for answers. SMH


cloakandfire — im not sure, it literally happened while i was sleeping, my arms and chest are coverwd and i am very worried aboout all this bullshit my body has thrown at me this week

Oh, dear. Sounds like something that happened to me last year… I was sleeping when I felt something warm wash over my entire body then when I got up, I saw myself covered in those… rashes.