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Biohazard 2 Drama Album: Ada the Female Spy, Lives

An excerpt from the synopsis by: Prime Blue

Philippe tells Ada to run, but she refuses to leave him behind. He asks Ada about her lover once more. She starts explaining how they are enemies because Leon is a police officer and she is a spy. Two months ago, an organization ordered her to get the G-Virus. But at the time she arrived in Raccoon City, the inhabitants had already turned into zombies and there was no way to retrieve it. She continues the story with the meeting with Leon, and how he risked his life to protect her. She couldn’t tell him that she was a spy until the very end. She couldn’t bear it, staged her death and ran from him. To this day, Leon still thinks that Ada died and is still fighting against Umbrella. Philippe then concludes that she re-entered the spy business to forget him, which Ada confirms. But then he revokes his statement. He thinks that she only made the decision to become a spy again, to chase Umbrella, in the hope of meeting Leon again. He tells her to get used to being weak, to listen to her feelings and to go to Leon. To redeem herself, like he always tried. When you’re in love, you have to be weak and listen to your feelings, not run from them.


While escaping on the train, we hear Ada’s last words: "Thank you Philippe… Leon… I’ll come to you. Leon."

An alternate storyline following her Biohazard 3 epilogue, the drama album tells of Ada’s mission to intercept HUNK and his men’s delivery of the G-virus to Umbrella France. It’s definitely not canon, but it’s pretty interesting to see where they thought to steer Ada’s story.

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